Important information about Mule Ride reservations


Reserving a mule trip to the bottom of Grand Canyon could be challenging. Beign one of the most popular type of tours at the canyon, mule rides are typically booked a year in advance. Under a new plan approved by the National Park Service the Mule rides have become even more difficult to book. The number of riders allowed daily on the famous Bright Angel Trail has been dropped from 40 to 10 riders. This is about 0.1% of all visitors to the National Park each day. So plan your trip atleast a year upfront.


South Rim Mule Rides

At the Grand Canyon's South Rim mule trips are offered year round. Unfortunately, this does not mean that one can be booked easily. Even though their is a chance of a cancelation the waiting list is big, so plan ahead and make a reservation about a year upfront.


North Rim Mule Rides

Unlike the South Rim tours, the North Rim mule rides are offered only from mid-May to mid-October. The chances of enjoying muler tour at the North Rim are bigger as one-hour tours are available on daily basis. These trips do not go down to Colorado river.